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Were your Q1 Sales Results Helped or Hurt by Departments outside of Sales? : We published a white paper “The Internal Forces that Empower or Impair Sales” ┬áto help the sales executive build a business case for improving culture and processes, including calculating the hard and soft costs of misalignment.

Do Marketers Have the Right Stuff to be Revenue Marketers? : In the past few months a cool new term has appeared on my radar. That term is, “revenue marketer”. Wish I had thought of it first. It defines a new level of marketing professional.

Taking a Concern Oriented Approach to Developing Successful Products: I had the privilege to present this approach at ProductCamp Austin. You can see a narrated version of this presentation by clicking here.

Should Sales Accept Social Media “Leads” from Marketing? The B2B marketing manager, under pressure to provide more leads to sales, is tempted to look at social media as a welcome new way to provide more names for the sales funnel.

Advocates for Revenue Performance


Revenue Intensity is a set of consulting programs committed to helping clients achieve a breakthrough in revenue performance. This goal is accomplished by redefining and putting into action how the organization supports Sales.

The concept that revenue performance is the score card for the entire company, not just the sales department, stands at the core of each of our programs. Therefore, Revenue Intensity principles are applied throughout the internal Revenue Value Chain to bring the organization closer to the customer, to establish breakthroughs in product innovation, and to align Sales and Marketing.

Results are rapidly accomplished by working with cross-functional teams on two fronts:  implementing world-class processes and transforming organizational behavior.

The service fee for each program includes a reasonable base fee plus deferred compensation for goal achievement.

Ten Sales Executive Problems We Solve


Create an organization committed to supporting Sales .


Receive more quality leads from Marketing.


Shorten the time to revenue for new products.


Reduce the sales cycle.


Get Engineering to listen closely to customers.


Build a sense of urgency into the organization.


Get marketing to create the right sales aids.


Create and justify the right sales plan.


Get the organization to accept your forecast.


Produce high levels of customer satisfaction.